Monday, 21 January 2013

Creating an Android Project In Eclipse

Step  1 : 

Goto "File --> New --> Other"  as shown below :

Step 2  :

A "New"  wizard will appear on the screen, In that, Select  "Android --> Android Application Project " and click "Next"

Step 3 :

A "New Android Application " wizard appears in the screen. In that, Enter "Application Name", "Project Name", "Package Name", For Minimum Required SDK to API 7 or lesser, Target SDK to maximum API you have.

Step 4 :

 Follow the steps shown below as it is,

Step 5 :

"Create Activity" wizard will appear on the screen, Select "Blank Activity" and Click "Next"

Step 6 :

A "New Blank Activity" wizard will open, Here you have to give name for your activity and layout, then you click "Finish"

Step 7 :

Android Project will be created in eclipse IDE and the project structure looks like as follows :


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