Saturday, 2 February 2013

PHP Tutorial for Beginners

PHP Tutorial for Beginners
PHP is a programming language that used usually to make a website. This software is free or open source.
We can get PHP software from Internet. Exactly, we also can download tutorial about it in Internet. By browsing through Google, we can find it easily.

I usually use PHP software in a package. It is WampServer. In this package, we can find WampServer with name “Start WampServer” as Figure below:
After we open software Start WampServer, we can access locahlhost in browser, such as Mozile Firefox as below:
If we click PHPMYADMIN in Figure above, then will display windows database MySql as Figure below:
In phpMyAdmin window, we will make database to save our data.
Where do we type script of PHP?
In this tutorial, I use Macromedia Dreamweaver 8. If we don’t have that software, we also can use Notepad installed with operating system Windows.
Figure Dreamweaver 8 as following:
If we click menu PHP, then will be displayed Figure following:
All script in the window above will be deleted, and then we fulfill by PHP script we need.
Notepad can be accessed from Accessories. Figure Notepad as following:
After typing script in Macromedia, we can see the result in Firefox as Figure following:
In Figure above, we can see File Name is module1.php (signed red color) and its content is “I am learning PHP programming.”
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