Saturday, 2 February 2013

Product and Brand Names are Best Keywords

If you plan to make money with your blog then it’s important to understand keywords. All keywords, to start with, but buying keywords, to be more specific.
Those longtail, general keywords are great for bringing in visitors who are just starting their search for information, but you really want to attract visitors who are ready to buy.
What keywords will they be using? Product names and brand names.
It’s estimated that the average visitor will conduct approximately 7 to 10 searches before he buys something online.
But most bloggers just assume that those searches are going to be for general information so they load up their blogs with hundreds of informative articles, focusing on every general keyword they can come up with.
But here’s what really happens…
Let’s say Paul is planning to go camping in Alaska. He knows he needs to buy a tent but he has no idea what kind he’ll need for the frozen tundra in Alaska.
So his first search will use just the simple keywords “Alaska camping trip, tent.
He’ll probably read an article that talks about “thermal” tents or “insulated tents” and start using those keywords to narrow his search. For example, he might search for “Insulated tents for camping in Alaska.
With each new keyword he’ll read another article and add another keyword until he finally lands on an article that tells him if he wants the best insulated tent for camping in Alaska, he should look at the XYZ Triple Insulated Tent by the XYZ Company.
At that point, Paul is ready to buy. If Paul is reading your blog and you’ve included a link to this super-insulated tent, he’ll probably click on that link and go read the product information.
However, if you haven’t included a link, Paul is now going to go to his search engine and type in either the product name – XYZ Triple Insulated Tent – or the brand name – XYZ Company.
He will likely click on the first three or four links that appear in the index, compare prices, and make his purchase.
Use General Keywords: General keywords are broad, like – shoes, tents, cookies, books, bikes, cars, and so on. They’re generally only one or two words long.
Searchers today have enough knowledge about how the Internet works to know that they’ll save a lot of hassle if they start narrowing their search right away, so most will start with “vampire books” or “mountain bikes.
Use Longtail Keywords: Longtail keywords are usually at least three words long – “romantic vampire books” or “mountain bikes for racing.
The searcher hasn’t decided exactly what he wants yet, he’s still looking for information. Each new word helps the searcher narrow his results.
Use Product And Brand Names: When the searcher finally starts entering product or brand names, that means he’s ready to buy.
When you understand how your visitors conduct their search, you can improve your blog’s conversion rates by addressing all types of keywords and using internal linking to lead your visitor from that very first general search all the way to your sales page.
But you can increase your conversions even more if you use product and brand names as keywords, too.
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