Saturday, 2 February 2013

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WordPress tutorials are just quite abundant on the internet. That surging popularity of WordPress as the tool to build websites is unstoppable at the moment as more and more online users are turning to this CMS (Content Management System) platform to build their own website. Anyone who has a day to learn WordPress can create their own website on that same day assuming that they already have hosting and a domain name.
Most online WordPress tutorials mainly consists of blogs where one blog posts would show a feature in WordPress and basically expound on that. It's probably not the best way to learn WordPress or even learn how to create your own website. This means that you would need to go to another resource in order to learn more about web hosting and another webiste to learn about domain names. And others would be surprised what's there to learn about domain names when you can register one easily. Well, to be frank about it - a lot! Domain names can have trademark issues and at the same time they can be resold many times ove their registration value if you get the roght name.
There are other WordPress tutorials out there who would show videos. But the format is the same as their written blog counterpart where they show one particular feature per video.
And then there are those that have really planned their WordPress website tutorial before building the site and take notice of the different audience out there. Those that are new to WordPress and website creation would require a step-by-step process on how to get their webhosting, acquire a domain name, put the two together and how to setup their first website. There are those who already have this knowledge and do not require this kind of hand-holding but would like to know what other features in wordPress can they use in order to make their website more robust and useful. These are the intermediate to advanced users who would be looking for features they can add for their websites. So far only a few WordPress tutorial websites have this kind of content where it cater to the new, intermediate and advance users of WordPress.
So as WordPress continue to be in demand, what's the future trend going to be like for WordPress tutorial websites?
Very promising.
The internet landscape is definitely changing with emphasis on multimedia (i.e. videos) and social mendia. And the site that can provide all these features and approach to learning (structured and unstructured) would definitely turn out to be a hybrid website tutorial. That's because there are different needs out there in the worldwide web. Most people would just like to go to one source in order to get the information that they are after. Why go to multiple sources?
wordPress tutorial sites of the future would integrate video, postings for the different features in WordPress, a structured curriculum, interaction with its users wither by post or video, and even through email. Let's face it. Tutorials that are purely text are starting to become quite bland. So its not surprising that the trend is to move to incorporate web 2.0 features in order to capture and retain your visitor's interest.


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