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maven - Strange version number in SauceLabs Java archetype ...
By BanksySan
I'm trying to get the Java 'getting started' app to work and I noticed this in the POM: <dependency> <groupId>com.saucelabs</groupId> <artifactId>sauce_testng</artifactId> <version>[1.0.0,)</version> <scope>test</scope> </dependency> ...
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Thread: print out jpanel - Java Forums
By slamdon
hi i am a new comer of java, i had been facing a little problem through printout all component of a JPanel including JLabel,JTextField etc.But as a.
Java Programming Forum - Learn...
Help with number pyramid program in java | DaniWeb
By darylglenng
package numberpyramid; public class Numberpyramid { public static void main(String[] args) { int x = 9; for (int i =1; i<=x; i++){ for (int j =1; j<=x-i; j++) { System.out.print(" "); } for (int k=i; k>=1; k--) { System.out.print((k>=10)?+k:" "+k); } for(int k=2; ...
DaniWeb IT Discussion Community
Meet TomEE in the Cloud! | Jelastic — Rock-Solid Java in the Cloud ...
By Marina Sprava
TomEE has long been among the top requests that we have been getting from our community. TomEE is a natural fit for any cloud platform that offers Tomcat, as it offers Java EE compliance, but with the footprint and startup time of Tomcat.
Jelastic — Rock-Solid Java...
Fragmented projects and overcommitted people | Java Code Geeks
By Christian Grobmeier
About Christian Grobmeier. Christian is a passionated software developer, architect and trainer. He is a member and VP of the Apache Software Foundation, working on projects like Struts, log4j and others. He founded Time & Bill and ...
Java Code Geeks
Java Programming Assignment | Java
d customer service representatives who will provide service to a stream of customers entering the bank. Please the elements in the bank simulation in the attached document for detail description and requirements. Please do the assignment in ... - New Projects

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