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Keeping a Closer Eye on Student Loan Servicing Firms
New York Times (blog)
On Thursday the bureau proposed a rule that would allow it to supervise big student loan servicers, the companies that manage loans on behalf of borrowers and lenders. Servicers send out statements, collect payments, answer questions, track interest ...
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Students play waiting game while Congress catches up on student loan debacle
The Hill (blog)
One major question discussed today was not just what the interest rate on federal student loans should be, but how Congress should set that rate. Currently, federal student loans have a fixed interest rate set by Congress. This rate does not change ...
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US Is Said to Have Improved Complaint System for Student-Loan Debt Collection
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) (blog)
The report is an update of the center's earlier review of student-loan debt collectors, which faulted them for not maintaining accessible and transparent complaint systems. The center's new report credits the department for improving the complaint ...
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Student Loan Interest Rates Will Rise July 2013 Without Action By Congress
Huffington Post
That extension expires June 30, and an estimated 7.4 million students will pay more for their student loans if the rates go up, according to the White House. However, each year the lower interest rate is extended represents $6 billion in lost potential ...
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Gov't seeks closer oversight of student loan firms
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says that it wants the authority to supervise the activities of student loan companies that aren't banks. It says the scrutiny is needed because the market is growing rapidly and more people are falling behind ...
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