Thursday, 14 March 2013

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Filler: All weather forecasts are mostly cloudy
For years I've wondered what's behind folks' compulsion to watch The Weather Channel every waking moment, breaking only long enough to flip over to network and local forecasts. Did everyone but me sink their nest eggs into galoshes futures? Do weather ...
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Space station crew landing delayed by foul weather
Yahoo! News (blog)
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Three Russian and American astronauts are stuck for one more day aboard the international space station after foul weather delayed their landing on Friday in the steppes of Central Asia. Since October, NASA's Kevin Ford and Russian ...
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Weather: Sunny and warm, with highs near 60
The Virginian-Pilot
Overnight lows will be near freezing, with a light breeze. Temperatures will heat up in a hurry, though, with highs today hitting close to 60. Skies will be sunny and winds will blow about 10 to 15 mph. Tonight will be mostly cloudy, with lows in the ...
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Tricky March weather can lead to burst pipes
The Journal News |
In these final days and weeks of freezing cold weather, we're not yet out of the woods for one particular wintry woe — burst pipes. "Ice will freeze and contract, the pipe expands, and then it bursts," says Gary Traynor of Traynor's Plumbing & Heating ...
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