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Microsoft Reverses Windows 8 Flash Ban | Webmonkey |
By Scott Gilbertson
At one point Microsoft said IE10 would not run Adobe's Flash plugin at all in Windows 8's Metro mode. Then that was changed to a whitelist of approved sites that could use Flash. Now Microsoft is ditching the whitelist and letting pretty much ...
Wired: Compiler
Windows Update Notifier Tells You When Windows 8 Has New ...
By Whitson Gordon
In an effort to make Windows updates easier, Microsoft removed update notifications in Windows 8—those little bubbles that pop up in the bottom right-hand corner. If you miss those notifications, Windows Update Notifier will bring them back.
ASUS VivoBook S500 / S550 Windows 8 laptops now on sale for ...
By Jamie Rigg
With Books, Pads, Tabs, Fones and the intriguing Transformer AiO, we can only wonder what else ASUS has in the stockroom. Recently liberated from the.
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Q&A: Capturing the Windows 8 Screen -
Microsoft's Windows 8 software can take screen shots in several ways.
Microsoft should kill failing Windows RT, and focus instead on full ...
By Preston Gralla
Microsoft's Windows RT tablets are doomed to fail and are hurting Microsoft's chances of succeeding in the tablet market. So says an IDC report, which adds that Microsoft should kill Windows RT, and focus instead on improving Windows 8 in ...
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Closing windows for peace on the brink | Marc Lynch
By Marc Lynch
Is the window closing on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process? Probably. But in case you were wondering, you're not alone. A Google search on "window closing peace Israel" produces 17.5 million hits. The window for this metaphor might ...
Marc Lynch
Microsoft Patches Hollywood-Style USB Windows Exploit – ReadWrite
By Mark Hachman
Microsoft has just patched a Windows exploit that could allow friends, coworkers or even foreign spies to easily hack into your PC. Plus: New Windows Store update policies.
Google updates mobile Gmail, neglects Windows Phone - Neowin
By Tim Schiesser
Google has updated their mobile web interface for Gmail, introducing a style similar to the current iOS app, however they have neglected to push the changes to Windows Phone users.
Using the SQLite database engine with Windows Phone 8 apps
By Adam Denning
You may have heard that with the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 release, the SQLite database engine is fully supported on the Windows Phone platform. Many thanks to the SQLite team for making the SQLite engine for Windows Phone available ...
Windows Phone Developer Blog
Microsoft Now Supports Adobe in Windows 8, Windows RT Browser ...
By Ina Fried
Microsoft is now allowing sites using the Adobe Flash plugin to run by default in all versions of its browser.

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