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Why Windows 8 Is The First Windows Release I Absolutely Hate
I hate Windows 8. Hate it with a passion. A passion as hot as a thousand suns. There, I've said it, and I feel better for saying it. But how does a long-time Windows user, especially someone who loved every other version they tried, get to the point ...
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Hands on with Twitter for Windows 8
PCWorld (blog)
It's hard to believe that Windows 8 has gone this long—139 days—without an official Twitter app. The social network's steady stream of bite-sized updates are tailor-made for the snapping and sharing features of Windows 8. Yet since Oct. 26 of last ...
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Microsoft resumes Windows Phone 7.8 update push after fixing Live Tile issues
The Verge
Microsoft resumes Windows Phone 7.8 update push after fixing Live Tile issues. By Tom Warren on March 14, 2013 02:53 pm @tomwarren 16Comments. Don't miss any stories Follow The Verge. Follow. Nokia Windows Phone stock. Microsoft has confirmed ...
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Microsoft in the clear to add Google CalDAV support to Windows Phone
In the interim, Microsoft would build support into the Windows Phone operating system for CalDAV and CardDAV, the Google calendar and contacts sync protocols, the companies announced. Yesterday, however, Google announced CalDAV was being ...
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5 kids hurt as tornado breaks windows in QC
In a middle of a thunderstorm, a tornado shattered the glass windows of a fastfood restaurant in Quezon City on Thursday afternoon, causing injuries to five children who were inside a playpen. Initial reports from the Quezon City Police District ...
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TechSpot: Acer Iconia W510 Windows...
Microsoft's answer to the changing computing landscape is Windows 8, an operating system that attempts to balance the demands of traditional productivity-oriented desktops with the mobility of, well, mobile devices. Results have been mixed thus far as ...
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LEAP Motion demo: Visualizer, Windows 8, Fruit Ninja, and More...
Published on Feb 18, 2013. We tried out our Developer Unit of the LEAP Motion Controller in the Visualizer, Windows 8 Start Screen, and Many other Windows Store Applications. For more information about the LEAP Motion, and how to run touch emulation ...
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Twitter releases official app for Windows 8 and RT
At long last Twitter has released its official app for Windows 8 and Windows RT today. The specially constructed app seems to be a snug fit in the Windows 8 eco-system with features such as Search and Share charms, Snap Views, Live Tiles and ...
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Sherlund: Windows 8 not helping to slow decline in PC sales
The Seattle Times (blog)
"Windows 8 is awkward in that it tries to address the intuitive ease of use of a tablet with the compatibility and features of a PC," he wrote in the note. "For a consumer, they see no need for all this when a low priced tablet or smartphone is ...
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windows 7 setup was unable to create a new system partition error
Tom's Hardware Guide
so i inserted my windows7 ultimate 32 bit cd in my dvd drive, entered the setup selected custom install. so in my 500gb hard disk there are 5 partitions, 1 for system and 4 for data. all are primary. i formatted the first partition which contains my ...
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