Saturday, 9 March 2013

Pin Live Tiles & Get Push Notifications For Facebook Pages On Windows Phone

Windows Phone’s Facebook integration has always been pretty good, thanks to its presence in the People hub, along with a decent Facebook client. While Mango users have had some complaints regarding push notifications in the past, they work pretty flawlessly on WP8. Having said that, there is a limit to the kind of content that is pushed to users via notifications. If you follow a lot of Facebook pages, there is no way of getting notified whenever there is some new activity on them. That’s where Pages comes handy. This aptly named Windows Phone app has been designed to let users pin Facebook pages to their Start screen, and configure notifications for them. The app also offers quite a good way to discover pages and make your timeline more interesting.

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To start using Pages, and make it import data of all the pages you have already liked from your Facebook account, you have to authorize the app with your Facebook credentials. Once the authorization has been processed, you can start using the app. During our little test run, Pages failed to load any of the pages I have liked on Facebook in the past. This might be a weird bug, or maybe the app is just meant to work that way, although the developer’s description on the WP Store page claims that all the pages you have ever liked show up when you sign in.
Despite being logged in to your Facebook account while using Pages, you still need to use a separate Facebook client in order to access your own profile, friends and timeline, since Pages deals with nothing except for pages. You can like and comment on posts though.
If you are interested in finding some new pages to follow, head to the ‘Featured’ section where there are some staff-picked entries. The app only shows public pages, so you can browse all parts of the listed pages without liking them. The search button in the bottom bar is useful if you want to explore pages relevant to a particular keyword.
Each page shown by the app is divided into three sections. You can go through the page’s wall, view photos shared by it, or just read the basic info associated with it. A preview of the page can be seen within the app, but clicking any link redirects the user to Internet Explorer.
All the pages you have ever liked are listed under the ‘all’ section (or at least they should be), whereas pages you merely visit from within the app show up in the ‘recent’ view. You can pin any page you want to your Start screen, and stay up to date with its activities, thanks to push notifications and the live tile.
The app is a new release, and far from perfect. If you have liked a lot of pages on Facebook, Pages is the right app for you. It is a free download, and works with all Windows Phone devices that are running Mango or above.
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