Wednesday, 6 March 2013

When Blog Competition is Good

You’ve been watching your stats and monitoring your keywords and you’ve been holding that Number One index position for quite some time now. But just when you finally relax a little and allow yourself to start feeling all smug and superior, a competitor pops up and takes over that coveted position. Now what? Pffft, don’t sweat it. A little competition never hurt anyone. Time to strap on!
It’s natural to feel a little bit threatened when you feel your opponents breath on the back of your neck. After all, you know how determined you were to get to the top, so you can imagine how hard he’s willing to fight. But remember: That which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.

Your Competitor Will Raise Your Own Standards

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t even be worried about this guy if he didn’t have his own high standards for quality. Because if he wasn’t giving visitors what they wanted they wouldn’t be giving him a second glance, he wouldn’t even be in the game. A professional athlete enjoys meeting a strong opponent because it makes him amp up his own game.
Instead of sitting by and watching that guy take over the top spot, go visit his blog. Not once, not twice, but every single day. Click on his links, subscribe to his list, read his squeeze pages, his About page, and learn everything you can about how he’s going to market and what he’s doing to engage his audience. Because you and I both know there’s a lot more to it than just competing for keywords.

Competition Raises The Visibility Of Your Niche

Even if you don’t like football you know when it’s time for the Super Bowl and you probably even know which teams are playing and who their star players are. Anytime there’s a big competition the buzz starts, and as it builds it increases exposure for you niche across the whole marketplace.

Your Competitor Could Become Your Strongest Ally

I know it’s hard, but instead of taking a hostile approach, why not introduce yourself to this new blogger and extend an olive branch. He’s not coming after you personally, he’s just trying to grow his business – just like you.

It’s obvious he knows what he’s doing or he wouldn’t have come this far. You know what you’re doing too or you wouldn’t be at the top. If the two of you teamed up and combined your strengths, imagine what you could do together.

The fact that you both have such high-quality blogs makes your situation ideal for linkbuilding. Linking to each other’s relevant content means you’d both have high-quality, relevant links coming into your blogs. And these are the best kind of backlinks because they’d be natural, not the product of a link scheme that would get you a smack from Google.

Imagine if you worked together at list building, promoting your sites, creating and promoting products, promoting yourselves as the best team of experts in your industry. Never be afraid of a little competition. The two of you together could build an unbeatable empire.

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